COMANIMESA was founded in 1978 by a group of dentists with the aim of developing oral hygiene products that met the different oral care needs they found in their patients daily. Their training as dentists and the experience acquired with the daily practice in this specialty have provided the necessary information to know in depth, the specific oral hygiene needs of different population groups.

Since then, our research and development department has created innovative dentifrices using the latest technology, to offer products that can help specialists notably in their profession, and provide a solution that improves significantly the oral health of consumers.

These 38 years of history reflect the commitment of all our employees to develop the company and identify new opportunities. Throughout this period our products have been promoted in the field of dentistry and dental specialties colleges, as well as marketed in pharmacies, obtaining a great prestige among dentists and consumers.

Our mission is based on research and scientific progress, basis of our values, strategy and relationships with our customers.

Our international operations are carried out by our exclusive distributor AEI24, an expertise Company in licensing and export of pharmaceutical products. As a result of this alliance, we are currently present in more than 24 countries of 3 continents with excellent results and a very good acceptance by experts and consumers


All these Company’s features differentiate us in the market of oral care products, and provide an excellent commercial trajectory as a result of the growth of DentYucral brand internationally.