High efficiency dentifrices formulated to address the special needs of cleaning and oral care for all people.


People with diabetes must pay special attention to their oral hygiene to prevent future oral health problems related to their condition. The ingredients of the toothpaste DentYucral Diabetic, have been accurately chosen for their properties, to help diabetics with their daily oral hygiene.


Due to the problems caused by tobacco in the oral health of smokers, it is very important that they use a suitable toothpaste for their daily oral hygiene that meets all their special oral care needs. DentYucral Smokers is the only toothpaste specially developed to meet these needs acting in two ways.

Founded in 2006, is a pharmaceutical company located in Tirana, Albania with its own branch in Kosovo. It operates directly in the Albanian and Kosovo and through its partners in Macedonian and Serbian market. Delta Pharma-Al is established in 2006 as a distributor and expand its business focus in the active sales and marketing and recently in manufacturing field.
Company operates in three divisions: distribution, active sales and marketing, manufacturing through dedicated teams. It is a serious and reliable partner of the Albanian Ministry of Health, Reimbursement Fund, National Agency of Drug and Medical Devices, Count Hospitals, Pharmacies and Physicians all around the country.
DeltaMed, previously known as Curri Pharma, founded in 2003 and located in Scutary – North Albanian, part of the group, covers via active distribution all north part of the Albania. With an expected annual turnover 2017 of 27 Mil. € and around 150 employees, Delta Pharma-Al is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies operating in the Albanian market. Since 2013 company has extended its operation in the Kosovo market through its own branch – Delta Pharma-Ks and in the regional markets through its partners.
“To become the most respectable and trusted company in the Albanian and regional pharmaceutical market.”
“Quality Above All”, by ensuring highest distribution standards, dealing with the most trustable companies and promoting in the highest ethical way.
“To achieve sustainable growth in mid and long term and offer added value to all our stakeholders and partners through maximazing the current portfolio and expanding it with new annual launches.”

Maintaining the level of blood glucose within normal levels.

Visit your dentist regularly.

Brush your teeth, at least twice a day, especially after meals and before bedtime.

A proper brushing technique takes at least 2 to 3 minutes.

Use dental floss daily.

Use a toothpaste with the necessary ingredients to help meet the specific cleansing needs and carry out a proper oral care.

An effective oral care should be performed daily and maintained over time.